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The folowing is the collection of the documentaries regarding science
“Science” of the Gaps
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tsunamis
100 Greatest Discoveries
100 Greatest Discoveries: Origins And Evolution
A Brief History of Time
A Traveler’s Guide to the Planets
A Universe From Nothing (Lecture)
A War on Science
Absolute Zero
Adventures In Human Evolution
Aftermath: Population Zero
Alan and Marcus Go Forth and Multiply
Alien Earths
Alien Fireballs
Alien Planet
Alien Worlds
An Experiment to Save The World
Ape to Man
Are There More Than Three Dimensions?
Are We Alone In The Universe?
Are We Still Evolving?
Aristotle’s Lagoon
Arithmetic, Population and Energy (Lecture)
Armstrong: NASA 50th Anniversary
Asteroids: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Atom Smasher
Battle of the Brains
Beautiful Minds
Becoming Human
Ben Stein’s Flunked: No Intelligence Applied
Biggest Things in Space
Birth of the Earth
Born to Rage: Inside the Warrior Gene
Brain Story
BrainSex: Why We Fall in Love?
Brave New World with Stephen Hawking
Break the Science Barrier
Can We Make a Star on Earth?
Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
Chemistry: A Volatile History
Clash of the Dinosaurs
Cloning the First Human
Cosmic Collisions
Cosmic Journeys
Cosmic Voyage
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
Cracking the Colour Code
Crash Course: Biology
Dangerous Knowledge
Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
Darwin’s Secret Notebooks
Darwin’s Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species
David Attenborough’s First Life
Derek Tastes of Ear Wax
Destination Titan
Destiny in Space
Did Cooking Make Us Human?
Did Darwin Kill God?
Dimensions: A Walk Through Mathematics
Dinosaur Eggs and Babies
Discovering Ardi (Ardipithecus Ramidus)
DNA: The Molecule of Life
DNA: The Secret of Life
Do We Really Need the Moon?
Do You Know What Time It Is?
Do You See What I See?
Do You Want To Live Forever?
Don’t Grow Old
Drain the Ocean
Earth 2100: The Final Century of Civilization?
Earth Story
Earth: Making of a Planet
Einstein and E=mc^2
Einstein’s Equation Of Life and Death
Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony
End Day
Everything and Nothing
Evolution and Irreducible Complexity
Evolution Primer
Exploring Life Extension
Extreme Archaeology
Extreme Universe
Facts of Evolution
Falsifying Phylogeny
Faster than the Speed of Light?
Fermat’s Last Theorem
First Orbit
For All Mankind
Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism
Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension
Fractals: The Colors of Infinity
Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point
From Big Bang to Man
From Big Bang to Us: Made Easy
From the Earth to the Moon
Frontiers of Deep Space
Future Life On Earth
Galapagos: Beyond Darwin
Genius of Britain
Genius of Pythagoras
God on the Brain
God, The Universe and Everything Else
Google: Behind the Screen
Growing Up in the Universe
Health: Body Builders
Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold Fusion
Here Be Dragons
High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos
History Cold Case
Homo Futurus
Homo Sapiens: Who Are We?
How Did Life Begin?
How Did the Universe Begin?
How Does Your Memory Work?
How Long Is A Piece Of String?
How Science Changed Our World
How the Earth Was Made: Season 1
How the Earth Was Made: Season 2
How the Universe Works
How To Build A Dinosaur
How to Live to 101
How To Mend A Broken Heart
Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery
Human Ape
Human Body: Pushing The Limits
Human Cloning
Human Evolution: Clash of The Cavemen
Human Instinct
Ice Age Columbus: Who Were the First Americans?
Ice Age Meltdown
If We Had No Moon
In the Womb
In the Womb: Multiples
Inside Planet Earth
Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking
Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
Is Seeing Believing?
James Burke: The Day The Universe Changed
Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
Journey to 10,000 BC
Journey to the Edge of the Universe
Journeys from the Centre of the Earth
Jupiter: The Giant Planet
Killer Asteroids
Known Universe: Alien Contact
Known Universe: Decoding the Skies
Known Universe: Stellar Storms
Known Universe: The Biggest and The Smallest
Known Universe: The Fastest
Known Universe: The Most Explosive
Last Extinction
Learning to Think Critically
Light Fantastic
Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution
Living on Mars
Lost Lightning: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla
Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives
Magnetic Storm
Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita
Mars, Dead or Alive
Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome
Miracle Planet
Monster of The Milky Way
Moon For Sale
Moons of the Solar System
Most of the Universe is Missing
My Pet Dinosaur
Mythbusters: Collection 1
Natural Mystery
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Called by the Universe (Conversation)
Newton: The Dark Heretic
Nice Guys Finish First
Obsessed and Scientific
Oldest Mummies in the World
Origins of Us
Owning the Weather
Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space
Pandora’s Box
Parallel Universes
Phages: The Virus that Cures
Planet of the Apemen: Battle for Earth
Pleasure and Pain
Powers of Ten
Predators in Your Backyard
Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker
Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth
Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine
Richard Feynman: The Character of Physical Law
Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
Roving Mars
Science and Islam
Science Under Attack
Scientific American Frontiers
Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge
SciShow: Chemistry
SciShow: Dose
SciShow: Infusion
Search for the First Human (Sahelanthropus Tchadensis)
Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy
Secrets of The Mind
Secrets of the Stone Age
Seeing Stars
Seven Wonders of the Microbe World
Six Degrees of Separation
Sixty Symbols
Space Tourists
Star Clock BC: Antikythera Mechanism
Stargazing: A Graphic Guide To The Heavens
Stephen Hawking’s Universe
Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe
Stone Age Apocalypse
Stress: Portrait of a Killer
Supermassive Black Holes
Supernatural Science: Previous Lives
T. Rex: Warrior or Wimp?
That’s Impossible: Eternal Life
The Ape That Took Over The World
The Ascent of Man
The Beauty of Diagrams
The Big Bang
The Big Bang Machine
The Body Machine
The Brain
The Brain: Our Universe Within
The Cell
The Changing Ape
The Chemistry of Almost Everything
The Code: Numbers, Shapes and Prediction
The Core
The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide
The Day I Died
The Day The Earth Nearly Died
The Day We Learned To Think
The Death of the Oceans
The Death Star
The Elegant Universe
The End of God?: A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion
The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein
The Fabric of the Cosmos
The Four-Winged Dinosaur
The Genius of Charles Darwin
The Ghost in our Genes
The Great Robot Race
The Hawking Paradox
The Human Body
The Human Face
The Human Family Tree
The Human Spark
The Incredible Human Journey
The Inner Planets: Mercury and Venus
The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestors
The Mars Underground
The Molecule That Made Our World
The Moon, the Tides and Neil DeGrasse Tyson
The Mystery of the Human Hobbit
The Mystery of the Jurassic
The Nine Months That Made You
The Periodic Table of Videos
The Planets
The Poetry of Science (Discussion)
The Primacy of Consciousness
The Purpose of Purpose: Richard Dawkins (Lecture)
The Quest For Life
The Real Eve
The Real Neanderthal Man
The Real Superhumans: Quest for the Future Fantastic
The Search for Adam
The Search for Life: The Drake Equation
The Secret Life of Chaos
The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock
The Secret World of Pain
The Secret You
The Shape of Life
The Space Shuttle: A Horizon Guide
The Story of Maths
The Story of One
The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion
The Strange World of Nanoscience
The Sun
The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs
The Ultimate Guide: Pyramids
The Universe: Beyond The Big Bang
The Universe: Season 1
The Universe: Season 2
The Universe: Season 3
The Universe: Season 4
The Universe: Season 5
The Universe: Supernovae
Through the Wormhole
Through The Wormhole: Are There Parallel Universes?
Through The Wormhole: Are We Alone?
Through The Wormhole: Beyond The Darkness
Through the Wormhole: Can We Live Forever?
Through The Wormhole: Can We Travel Faster Than Light?
Through the Wormhole: Does Time Exist?
Through The Wormhole: How Did We Get Here?
Through the Wormhole: How Does the Universe Work?
Through The Wormhole: Is There A Creator?
Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?
Through the Wormhole: Is There an Edge to the Universe?
Through the Wormhole: Is there Life after Death?
Through The Wormhole: Is Time Travel Possible?
Through the Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes
Through The Wormhole: What Are We Made Of?
Through the Wormhole: What Do Aliens Look Like?
Thunderbolts of the Gods
Time Machine
Time Trip
To Infinity and Beyond
Uncertain Principles
Universe: The Cosmology Quest
Violent Universe
Visions of the Future
Walking With Dinosaurs
Was Darwin Wrong?
Weirdest Planets
Welcome to Mars
What Darwin Didn’t Know
What Darwin Never Knew
What Happened Before the Beginning?
What Happened Before the Big Bang?
What is One Degree?
What Is Reality?
What is the Higgs Boson?
What Makes a Genius?
What Makes Us Human?
What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?
What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
What We Still Don’t Know?
When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions
Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality?
Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Hole
Why Are We Here?
Why Birds Sing
Why Do Viruses Kill?
Why Do We Talk?
Why Reading Matters
Why We Believe in Gods: Andy Thomson (Lecture)
Wonders of the Solar System
Wonders of the Universe
World’s Oldest Child
Ötzi: The Iceman Murder